5 Signs You're Addicted to Running-P2

Welcome Wimps!

And just like that we are back for part 2. If you have not checked out the masterpiece that Tiara Smith wrote then, click here.

Why do a part 2?

I am addicted to running. Look, Momma Wimp had to chase me around the store since I took those first wobbly steps. So if I got time to, in this case, talk about my love for running...

We got time for me to give you all the boring details of my love for running. So I’ll give you a break and jump straight into my 5 Signs You’re Addicted to Running-P2

1. Running is your Hobby

I know what you're going to say, “Running is a hobby.” Trust me I agree with you, but here me out while I explain myself. A new coworker asks “What do you like to do in your spare time?” You respond that you love to run. Now you are itching for them to ask more about your obsession with running. If you are like me you will not wait and spill your guts.

However, on occasion you get that “Curious George” who wants to know why you want to tourture yourself for fun. Long story short, we are far and few between so save the running talk for those running friends you have.

2. Watch TOO Many Running Videos

YouTube, FloTrac, Twitter, Instagram, do I need to keep going. I understand wanting to get better at your craft but how many notifications do you get for new content.

As preached last week, BALANCE is KEY. Yes you can watch videos. Just don’t let them consume your notification center.

3. Check the Weather Daily

From Alexa telling you the weather, to having it docked on your phone, watch, and even your tablet. Yes Texas weather can code switch like a melanated call center rep. We are pulling up on summer so I’ll save you the trouble.

It's HOT!!!!!!

4. You Know What a Fartlek is

Do I really have to say anything else?

Fine. Not only do you run them, you know that it is Swedish for “speed play.” My friend, you are addicted to running.

5. Running on Your “Off Days”

You set up your running plan for the month.

Day 1. Easy.

Day 2. Recover.

Day 3. Hard, but Done.


Days 5-6 Put to Bed

We get it. You know it. YOU’RE A BEAST. But even God rested on the 7th day. Rest is needed, but more importantly you EARNED it. So hop in that Epsom Bath and Ice up for another week of being a WIMP.

KEEP telling everyone you are a runner. Positivity and passion go a long way. That love for running is a light that is universal in a world that seems to want to divide. So shout it from the trails to the treadmills.

I Love Running!

See you soon, WIMP OUT.

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