5 Signs You’re Addicted to Running

Welcome back Wimps, today I give you Tiara. She is the creator of my favorite black running blog, Run for the Culture. So without further ado, here are her "5 Signs You're Addicted to Running."

Running is a great way to stay in shape, improve your heart health, and relieve stress. Studies have shown that running also helps improve your life expectancy.

And then there’s runner’s high. That feeling of euphoria and overall sense of positive energy and empowerment after you’ve completed a run. Your entire mood has been lifted and you're ready to take on the day’s challenges.

Who wouldn’t want to have that feeling ALL the time?

Unfortunately, that phrase “too much of a good thing” comes into play. Even though there are so many benefits of running, when you overdo it and become obsessed, it can lead to injury and other problems.

It’s important to know the warning signs of running addiction and be honest with yourself so that you can have a healthy and balanced life.

1. All Your Money Goes to Running Gear

Running clothes, fanny packs, sweat absorbent towels, chafe cream, reflective gear, etc. You’ve got it all. You know when the latest gear is coming out and you’re the first one to try it. It’s one thing to be prepared and it’s another thing to be obsessed.

Do you really need 10 different flavors of energy gel?

2. Your Shoe Collection...

This one gets to be separate from running gear because almost every athlete is a little guilty of having too many pairs of shoes. But when you treat your shoes like a prized possession, it starts to become a problem.

Running shoes were meant to be worn and used until they’ve fulfilled their life’s purpose and get tossed away. So if you’ve got 10 pairs of running shoes and you really only run in three because the others are too small or worn out but you can’t bear to part with them... then it’s time to clean out your closet.

3. All of Your Friends Are Runners

Having fellow runners as friends is a great thing. You always have someone to talk to about your training and you can schedule group runs, races, and push each other to get better.

However, it’s important to have a diverse set of friends. If all your friends are runners, then that’s all you’ll ever think or talk about. Forget the latest movies, newsworthy moments, or what's happening around the nation. Your friends are your world, and that world is full of running.

4. You Have a Playlist for Every Type of Run

If I took a look at your Apple Music or Spotify account, would I find a variety of music or a dozen playlists for all of next week’s runs?

While the right kind of music can help you get through a long run or push you during speedwork, it isn’t that necessary to spend hours upon hours crafting the right playlist. If you hear a song on the radio and the first thing that comes to mind is “that’s a great song to have on my long run” then you may need to take a step back from running.

5. Runcations Are Your Only Vacations

Some people go to Vegas, Hawaii, or Colorado for the tourist attractions and scenic views. Others go for the different types of terrain and know that the change in altitude would provide a challenging yet rewarding aspect to their training plan.

Don’t get me wrong, runcations are great and there are plenty of companies and organizations that host amazing opportunities to compete in races all across the globe. But if the only time you decide to go on vacation is because there’s a race involved, that might be a red flag. Try going somewhere and just sightseeing or relaxing for change.

It’s okay to enjoy running, but balance is key.

Be aware of the warning signs and be honest with yourself if you think you are starting to become obsessed with running. If you identified with many of the signs above, it might be a good idea to take some time away from running and enjoy other things like gardening, reading, and other less intense activities.

The great thing about running is that it never goes out of style, so you can come back whenever you’re ready.

Run for the Culture

Tiara is the author of Run for the Culture, a blog created to inspire and educate black runners on a variety of health and wellness topics. She is a certified health education specialist, runner, and travelista. Connect with her on Facebook or at

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