Head Wimp in Charge

Elite Trainer, Nutritionist, and Exercise Therapist

"My name is Oshay D. Smith. The D stands for Devone. Except I don't like Devone. I just like D and that's all." Okay now that all the formalities are taken care of, you can call me Coach Shay. I am an ISSA certified Elite Trainer. I am certified in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Exercise Therapy.

I have always had a passion for sports and fitness in general. Growing up I was always in some type of sport or playing with friends outside. This, along with hard work, led to me becoming a college Decathlete. That was the easy part, no one told me how fast life hits you once you complete your athletic career. When I say life I mean an extra 40 lbs. 

So here I was 3 months into my "Kobe year" not able to recognize who I became. In the words of the Black Mamba, it was time to become "a different animal, but the same beast." I became plant-based and saw results I never experienced even at the peak of my Track and Field seasons. Thus I developed my new lifestyle and want to share my knowledge with you. Sign up now, the life of a wimp suits everyone.


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